Monday, May 13, 2013

Scheneck, Moschella and D'Agostino RESIGN NOW!

There she goes again… 

Roxbury School Board President Carol Scheneck would like you to believe that our local school board has been making sound financial decisions which are in the best interests of the students and the taxpayers.  This could not be further from the truth and the school board's consideration of outsourcing the cafeteria workers is case in point.

Anyone who looks at my voting record as a former Roxbury school board member knows I am no friend to the New Jersey education unions. While I spoke out and voted against bloated salary & entitlement increases, Ms. Scheneck couldn't wait to rubber stamp them.

In any case, why am I against outsourcing the cafeteria staff? Well, here are the facts. The state requires that all in-house cafeteria programs be financially self-sustaining.  The Roxbury cafeteria program is not to receive any local taxpayer funding what-so-ever. Funding for the food service program is not collected from the property tax levy.  As an enterprise fund, all money for the current program is supposed to be kept completely separate from the rest of the school budget. So, outsourcing the cafeteria workers will not save the school district hundreds of thousands of tax dollars as did the outsourcing of the union members of the custodial staff, a decision Ms. Scheneck vehemently argued and voted against.

So why, then, would the Roxbury School Board consider outsourcing the operation?  Simple. Members of the current school board want to cover up the fact that our current Superintendent and Business Administrator have been handed more than two years of financial mismanagement from the previous administrations and school board leadership.  Just a few short years ago, our previous administration and school board presidents were asleep at the wheel while the cafeteria used up more than $100,000 in banked surplus.  When the previous business administrator finally added up the numbers and noticed the loss of tens of thousands of dollars in a single year, it was too late to correct and the findings had to be reported to the county superintendent resulting in a corrective action plan be put into place.  Now, if a third year of financial mismanagement occurs, the district will be subject to further corrective action from the state.  This, as well as the other many corrective action plans can be found on the Roxbury school district’s website by clicking on “Our District” and then “State Reporting.”

Clearly, if the prior administrators and school board presidents were doing their jobs, rather than organizing student walk outs against Governor Christie and wasting tax dollars by trying to shut down vocal board members with wrongful legal procedures, maybe the Roxbury cafeteria program would have been financially self-sustaining all along.

It is my understanding the cafeteria program is back in “the black” and will end up making money again this year. Therefore, I ask the taxpayers of Roxbury to not allow the lowest paid workers in the Roxbury School system be used as sacrificial lambs because of the careless leadership of past school board presidents.  Instead, join me in calling for their resignations of Carol Scheneck, John Moschella and Terry D’Agostino, and let’s give the local school cafeteria workers another year to prove the present food service program can operate long term with a profit.

Chris Rogers
Roxbury Taxpayers Education Association Member