Monday, October 13, 2014

Vote November 4th, Chris Rogers for Roxbury School Board

Chris Rogers is a board member of the New Jersey Taxpayers’ Association, serving as the organization’s president from 2011 to 2014. He is also the founding member of the New Jersey Taxpayers’ Foundation, a nonprofit entity that educates New Jersey residents on the merits of lower taxation and increased accountability of elected officials. 
Rogers is also a student at Rutgers University’s School of Public Affairs and Administration, seeking a dual degree in History and Public Nonprofit Administration. 
At the local level, Rogers served on the Roxbury School Board from 2009 to 2012.  He is one of the founding members of the Roxbury Taxpayer’s Association (TEAM) and a member of the Roxbury Republican Club.
Along with several other residents from Roxbury and Mount Arlington, Rogers has led the effort to form a state commission of unpaid volunteers to study the feasibility of eliminating duplicative administrative costs by merging the school systems and municipalities of Roxbury Township and Mount Arlington Borough into one township.
I am well aware of how local government taxation continues to spiral out of control in New Jersey.  I strongly feel that volunteerism is the only solution to eliminating government waste and abuse.  The employment agency, otherwise known as the public school system, must be revamped into a system that rewards financial efficiency and academic excellence, while eliminating cronyism and patronage jobs. Only when you take away the added financial gain of those who could just as easily volunteer their time, can a person ever truly say it’s all about the kids”, stated Rogers.   
Rogers went on to say, “Voters should also never allow politicians to threaten citizens with program cuts designed to inflict maximum pain on voters. (i.e.… cuts in late busses, sports and music programs or core educational programs.)    Instead, this school board should focus on the many layers of administrative and legal waste that continues to increase and plague our school district.”
“My personal goals are to not only reduce taxes in Roxbury, but also improve the educational quality in the Roxbury schools, as well as increase the much needed accountability of our local school board members.  For example, the highest paid person in the school district should never be the school board attorney.  If this current board did not have so many personal conflicts of interest, I assure you, the attorney would have very little to bill us for.”, Rogers said.
Rogers stated, “There are clear differences between myself and the candidates who run as part of a slate called Roxbury CARE.  One of these candidates, Pat Miller, presided in disgrace over a well publicized student sexual assault cover up just a few years ago.  

During her tenure on the board, Ms. Miller also called for a resolution designed to tarnish the reputation of a fellow board member with allegations of trespassing on school grounds.  After hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills, these charges were later deemed false by an administrative judge and the New Jersey Commissioner of Education.  

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However, Ms. Miller is best known for being a key negotiator in the 20% teacher raise negotiated in 2009.  The people of Roxbury cannot afford another Pat Miller school board term.” 

Roxbury Is Out of Step

“I recognize the reduction of waste, mismanagement and abuse will always be an uphill battle, but giving up is never an option.”  Rogers said.  “On November 4th, please vote ballot position number 3, Chris Rogers for Roxbury School Board.  For more information, please visit”