Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Roxbury School Board Debate - Rogers Fires Back at Casola, “Cronyism Hiring is Putting Children At Risk”

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Wednesday, October 21, Landing, NJ - Earlier this week former Roxbury School Board Member Chris Rogers, who is running for a seat on the Roxbury School Board, issued a statement, “There are many differences between myself and those candidates who align themselves with the organization called Roxbury CARE.  As I stated last year, some current Roxbury School Board members presided in disgrace over the well publicized student sexual assault cover up several years ago.  However, even I would have not predicted the rampant waste, abuse and illegal acts that the school district has been affiliated with over the last twelve months.  From the news of several unrelated ex-employees being charged with alleged sexual encounters with minors, to the theft of thousands of dollars in property from our facilities, this Roxbury School Board appears to continue to lose further control of the district’s operations.  Mainly, I blame the continued practices of cronyism hiring as one of the major causes of the continued mismanagement.”

During last night’s Roxbury School Board debate, Rogers continued to raise questions regarding the growing number of child predators and major thefts associated with the Roxbury School District over the last year.  Earlier this year, former Director of Transportation Thomas Cunningham resigned his post in the wake of a department wide theft investigation.  When other candidates were confronted by Rogers as to how cronyism hiring has a direct correlation with these incidents and the safety of the students, current school board member and candidate Margaret Casola admitted, “He [Thomas Cunningham] cried and admitted what he did.  If I had my way, he would have been fired.”

Astounded by the admission that the full Roxbury School Board had a legitimate admission from the recent Director of Transportation, Rogers fired back, “Then you should have fired him instead of allowing him to resign.  You, Ms. Casola are the problem.”

Rogers stated on Wednesday morning, “This is one of the obvious problems with the culture of the Roxbury Board of Education.  If the current board continues to allow thieves and child predators to resign their posts rather than firing them, we are just shuffling them off to the next unsuspecting school district to deal with.  This is why background checks are useless if the employees were never held accountable to begin with.  The cover ups need to stop immediately.  If an employee does something illegal, spend the money and see to it that they never work in a public school ever again.”

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Roxbury Council Incumbents Skip Election Debate - Roxbury NJ News

Roxbury Council Incumbents Skip Election Debate - Roxbury NJ News

Please note that ALL CANDIDATES were invited to attend over two months ago, and although numerous attempts were made to accommodate a date change, some of the candidates have stated they were not free the entire month of October.  
If those candidates who could not attend Wednesday's debate would like to propose a future date, Roxbury TEAM would be more than happy to host a second event. 

Meet the Candidates Night Still on for October 7th at 7pm!

See below regarding the candidate who will be attending tonight's Meet the Candidates Night!  Roxbury TEAM hopes you can join us!

Wednesday, October 7 - Meet the Roxbury Council Candidates Night

2015 Roxbury Township
Meet the Council Candidates Night

October 7, 2015     7pm   
Roxbury Library

Hosted By:

Richard Zoschak - R
Ward 1

Heather Champagne - D
Ward 1

Gary Behrens - R
Ward 2

Fred Hall - R
Ward 3

Aaron Markworth - D
Ward 3

Martin Schmidt - R
Ward 4

Dan Kline - D
Ward 4

Fred Snowflack